It may be cold ….

It may be cold, it may be wet, but plenty of garden enthusiasts seem to be getting ahead of the game and enquiring this month about having a new garden designed and built. Despite the snow, sleet and rain people’s thoughts are all about gardens; this is great news – starting early with the design process means you have more time to select and book the right landscaper to get your garden underway before they get completely booked up. Before you know it spring has slipped by and summer is fast approaching – just when you want to be using your garden.

But back to the cold weather…….
There are some excellent early flowering plants which can give your garden a boost, so it’s worth having a look at those bare winter borders and planning where to inject some interest and colour.


blog-Sarcococca hookeriana varFor a shady spot and perfect for London town gardens try Sarcococca hookeriana var. digyna.

Also known as sweet box, this compact evergreen shrub is perfect for planting close to an entrance or path. Don’t be fooled by the tiny, unassuming flowers – their vanilla-like scent is one of the strongest and most delicious winter fragrances.


blog-Viburnum x bodnantense DawnFor those with a bit of space try Viburnum × bodnantense ‘Dawn’.

This is an upright, deciduous shrub. Dense clusters of fragrant, dark pink flowers appear on bare stems from November to March. Plant in full view of window so you can appreciate the burst of winter colour from the comfort of your home, or even better close to a path to enjoy the fragrance.