Bugs and Birds……….


After agonising over whether to save to save the appearance of my climbing roses earlier in June/July by spraying to control the mildew and aphids, I decided to hold back and see if nature would rescue them on her own.

RobinOf course it didn’t stop me from squishing a few aphids between finger and thumb! But just this week, I was rewarded for keeping it all natural by the surprising sight of two Robins filling their beaks with afore mentioned aphids and all manner of bugs and caterpillars.


They are obviously bringing up a late batch of babies and have nested above my water butt in some ivy right by the back door.

DSC00986They are a truly gorgeous sight – bold as brass, and very busy keeping my insects under control. Well worth a few dud roses…..

For information on feeding birds check out http://www.rspb.org.uk/advice/helpingbirds/feeding/how.aspx