Garden Design 3

A tiny garden is given colour and interest by concentrating on planting climbers spanning all seasons of interest; evergreen honeysuckle, clematis, roses and jasmine. All boundaries are clad with trellis that will grey over time and provide a continuous structure that will be filled with colour and scent all year. A shed is hidden behind sections of trellis to ensure elegant views from the house. Artificial grass provides a practical, green solution for a modest space.

Garden Design 4

A large family garden with raised brick beds for growing herbs, tomatoes and strawberries. The overgrown borders were cleared and replanted with more suitable shrubs and perennials providing much more seasonal interest and opening up the space to create a much wider feel to the garden.

Garden Design 5

A small contemporary space that carefully coordinates hard landscaping, in this case bespoke polished concrete paving, with the tones and colours of the foliage and flowers.

Garden Design 6

A contemporary space for entertaining family and friends. The garden features cedar trellis and screening which also hides the garden storage, an outdoor fireplace and glass water feature. Jura limestone paving is combined with cedar decking for a stunning juxtaposition of materials and the planting provides structure and colour all year round.