• Caroline Crawford

Built-in Garden Seating

The trend continues for built in seating in many London gardens. It's certainly a great way to maximise space and add a key feature to the overall design. Materials are an important consideration, helping the seating to blend into it's environment or indeed stand out if required, but also as a 'comfort factor' - is it occasional seating or will it be used for extended periods around a dining table?

Here are some examples from past projects........

"Floating" benches give a great feeling of space, while solid benches can also double as storage.

Corner bench designs always feel inclusive - inviting people to gather together.

Deeper benches are better if you are thinking about adding cushions to lean back against - I'd recommend at least 60cm

Low walls and raised planting beds can act as benches or casual seating if made wide enough. Planting scented plants or herbs around the seating area for a even better experience. Integrating lighting into the bench can help make it a feature.

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